Detroit Red Wings Preview: Building on Small Victories

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The Detroit Red Wings showed the inverse of Thursday’s performance with a strong 3-1 victory over a playoff hunting Columbus squad. Now, can they make it two? The biggest asset to victory was the Robby FabbriDylan LarkinFilip Zadina line. It continues to give credence to the argument that Fabbri is solidifying himself as a member of the core.

It was a different feel to the team that showed up listless in the 7-1 loss Thursday evening. It’s the not sure what you’re going to get performance with the team. And as written about in yesterday’s preview, who know what will happen after the trade deadline. But the little things–the increased line chemistry with Fabbri and Larkin; Zadina getting better with every game; The growth of prospects across the ocean, readying for a chance next season. Those are the glimmers of hope, what keeps things positive when the bad games do happen.

The Detroit Red Wings Have To Build on Saturday’s Win

Detroit currently sits fourth in terms of overall points, which inches them closer to higher odds of landing that top pick. But we all know how the lottery has worked out and beyond even that–this draft might be one of the biggest crapshoots due to scouting being limited due to the pandemic. It’s beyond important the Red Wings hit with the high picks but a good win here and there is essential for growth and momentum. Buffalo sits with a 17 game losing streak–something I can’t even fathom after seeing them land high lottery picks for years. Losing is just as contagious as winning can be, and they have to walk that fine line of being competitive.

There have been a handful of games where they’ve looked just downright bad. But it’s expected. And if Yzerman ends up dealing away some of the talent to bolster the future, it could be downright ugly some nights. But Grand Rapids has talent that can play at this level, and we’ll see if the coaching staff can develop them at this level.

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