#MustSeeJV: Red Wings 5 – Blue Jackets 2

Winging It In Motown

Our second to last Mickey Redmond flannel of the season. Ken Daniels said “this whole season has been a dog’s breakfast” as Jack Daniels (the dog) makes his Light the Lamp pick. Cherish these moments, gang.

Starting lineup! Erne is out and Brome is back in for his first Wings game in almost a month.

First Period

Well, not off to a great start. The first shift by LGD, Helm, and Brome was aggressive and looking good. But less than 2 minutes in and a puck rebounds a bit off of Rasmussen and eludes Greiss. 1-0 Columbus. Goal goes to Bayreuther.

It’s been turnovers galore for the Wings during the first half of the period, or at least it’s felt that way without looking at the stats. Ken and Mick have spent a lot of time praising Columbus. Shots are 7-7 so that’s something.

8 minutes to go and Rasmussen heads to the Bad Boy Box for a little bit of slashing. Penalty kill time! But they are no match for penalty killer specialists LGD and Helm.

Wings get their first real good shot with 4 minutes left. Namestnikov and Filppula – and in a fun twist it was actually Vlad passing the puck to Fil for the shot. Another good chance after a wacky bounce off the backboards, just like the good ol days at The Joe, but Zadina can’t quite get there.

Ok period for the Wings, especially the closing minutes.

1-0 Columbus. Shots 11-10 Columbus.

Second Period

I should have mentioned earlier that yes Columbus has Matīss Kivlenieks in net and if you asked “who??” well so did I. Looking him up I’m seeing he played 6 games last year and this is his first NHL game this season? So you know, classic trap game.

Not much to report in the first couple of minutes. I’d give the edge to Columbus because we all know the draft lottery odds don’t really matter so why not try to win and help out the Wings’ chances?

Closing in on the halfway point and Jackets spending a lot of time in our zone. Then Robinson feeds Gerbe for a breakaway and scores. An LGD backhand special for the wrong team. 2-0 Columbus.

Del Zotto blocks an LGD shot and hunches over with an ouchie.

8 minutes to go and it’s time for a Rrrrrrred Wings powerplay. Andrew Peeke cross-checked LGD (Mick was not happy) and goes to the Evildoers’ Enclosure.

Strap in because a lot is about to happen very quickly.

JOE VELENO SCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORES!!!!!!!!! The battle of the MustSeeJV is back on. His first goal is a powerplay goal! 2-1 Columbus.


JAKUB VRANA. [MustSeeJV intensifies] 3-2 Red Wings!

30 seconds to go and another penalty. Zadina takes a tumble. The bad #11 hooks the good #11. Stenlund to the Crimes Cabana. We’ll start the third period on the powerplay!

3-2 Wings.

Third Period

Finishing up the powerplay from the second, it is killed.

Ok, I’m gonna be honest I forgot I was recapping for a bit because I was too excited about the second period and had to yell about it. Luckily, nothing much is happening.

Halfway through and still 3-2 Wings and shots are 30-22 Wings. Yes, we have more shots!

5 minutes to go and still up by one goal…

3 minutes…

2:20 and the Jackets net is empty…


1 minute, net still empty…

Another for Namestnikov! 5-2 Wings.

45 seconds, net is not empty…


We finish the season tomorrow, but our hearts will go on.

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