Red Wings Weekly Review: Tyler Bertuzzi Trade Rumors Return

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The Detroit Red Wings head into its third preseason game tonight, and there couldn’t be any shortage of story lines to accompany the contest this evening.

Will Lucas Raymond continue his eye-popping play?

How will Bobby Ryan fare?

Could Tyler Bertuzzi be on his way out?

So much here, so much to look at.

Bertuzzi Rumors Start to Swirl Again

Detroit Hockey Now’s Bob Duff had a doozy:

Duff wrote that Steve Yzerman could be gauging interest on the newly signed forward, who  opted out of getting the vaccine. 

From Duff: 

It would be incorrect to suggest that Detroit Red Wings GM Steve Yzerman was shopping forward Tyler Bertuzzi. However, a rival NHL GM did confirm that Yzerman is calling teams. The Detroit GM isn’t offering them Bertuzzi. He’s just subtly gauging what interest there might be from them in acquiring Bertuzzi.

“Subtly gauging.” When I wrote about the options following the news of Bertuzzi’s refusal, it was really down to two choices: he stays or he’s dealt. And Duff, who is plugged into the hockey world, indicates that conversations could be happening.

End game? Well, if we’re to gauge Yzerman’s reactions after dealing Andreas Athanasiou and Anthony Mantha, both of whom considered core members, who’s to say Bertuzzi isn’t next? It reminds me of a line from the Godfather, where newly minted Michael is now running “the family.” When being asked by long consligere Tom Hagan as to why he’s being pushed out, Michael says little and explains he has a long term plan. As Tom pushes the issue, Michael ends the conversation by simply saying: “You’re out Tom.”

Since taking over, I’ve felt that this is how Yzerman operates. Darren McCarty alludes to this in a recent interview.  Says McCarty:

“I’m sorry, it’s about the Wing on the front and not the name on the back.”

Or in other words, to quote the line from Herb Brooks in the movie Miracle: The name on the front is a hell of a lot more important than the one on the back. Get that through your head.” 

Regardless of what anyone thinks, when it comes to any argument, Yzerman saw the value of a united team when it came to finally winning a Cup. Though this squad is far from it, he’s clearly building from the ground up and weeding those out who don’t fit the mold.

And when stories like this happen, you can’t help but wonder if Bertuzzi will be the next member of the core to find himself playing elsewhere.

Raymond and Ryan Could be Fair Bets to Make Roster

After both players had impressive first games, it only increased the rancor for their addition to the roster. Ryan would be an affordable option. Raymond depends on what the Red Wings long term plan is.

By long term plan, I mean those ideas we’re not really looking for. The acquisition of Nick Leddy might be one where we wonder if he’s dealt at the deadline or re-signed but it’s clear the objective was to give Moritz Seider a partner to pair with to ease his transition into the NHL. Seider seems a lock for the roster and Leddy, who complements on the left side and provides an offensive push to Seider’s more defensive approach, will have someone who provides experience to his game.

Which goes to the point of Raymond. What are the Red Wings long term plans? Do they want him to have “seasoning” in Grand Rapids or is it damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead in terms of him learning from the NHL?

After one game where Raymond was against players in a professional league, (and some trying to be in a professional league), he not only held his own but scored a pretty goal and added an assist.

Ryan also was impressive in his try-out, adding offense, being a dominant force on the ice, and netting a crucial goal before icing it with a shootout goal.

Both have a case to make the team. Your humble author hopes they both do, too.

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