How a visit from mom improved Detroit Red Wings’ Moritz Seider’s ‘me time’

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As much as Moritz Seider appreciates being at home now that a visit from his mom has improved the ambiance, he is ready to get back to work with the Detroit Red Wings.

“Everybody is really looking forward to playing games again,” Seider said Thursday.

The Wings are scheduled New Year’s Eve to host the Washington Capitals in what will be the Wings’ first game in 13 days after the pandemic forced a weeklong shutdown and postponed two games this week.

“It was a rough stretch for us,” he said,” but the boys are really hungry and willing to give everything to go back to work.”

Seider spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with Dylan Larkin and his family, describing it as a “really nice” time.

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“The holidays were great,” Seider said. “I wasn’t sitting by myself. But other than that it was a lot of ‘me time,’ which was OK. You wanted to stay away from the guys, too, and mind public places. Obviously not quite what I really enjoy, but you have to do it and stay professional during that time. I was a lot on FaceTime calling the family during those days and see how they are doing.”

Seider’s family lives in their native Germany. His parents came for a visit in early December and brought goodies from home for their 20-year-old son.

“It’s always hard bringing that stuff over, but we did most of the stuff when they were here a couple weeks ago,” Seider said. “We just had a really good time and we cooked a lot, went out for dinners, and just enjoyed family time.”

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Seider lived with Larkin while getting acclimated ahead of training camp in September. Once his spot in Detroit’s lineup was solidified, Seider moved into a house of his own. But it wasn’t until his parents visited that the house became a home.

“It was nice to get together,” Seider said. “We were building a lot of furniture. Mom has a good touch for the decoration at home so that was a big help making it a bit more homey and cozy. Now when you open the door and just lay on your couch, you see actually some art work on the wall and some flowers on the table.”

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