Quick Hits: The Working on the Edges Edition

Winging It In Motown

How Bobby Ryan’s off-season training with Allie LaCombe revitalized his game

Ryan let LaCombe take the reins on their training regimen. He told her that he wanted to get more powerful, get better on his edges and then work in some skills with pucks.

Specifically, he wanted to get better from stop to start, and to get out of the gate quicker. Working on his edges in tight areas was another focus. That part of his game has always been an uncomfortable one, and he wanted her to push him outside of his comfort zone.

The Bobby Ryan story continues to make me like him more and more.

[Site Exclusive] Today’s reason Evgeny Svechnikov is not in the lineup: Flushed the toiled while Blashill was in the shower.

Lake Tahoe wedding gets Gritty thanks to NHL – ESPN

“We were excited that we were having a wedding at the same time as an iconic game,” Brianna Rowland said. “But honestly, we just didn’t want hockey players walking through the middle of the ceremony.”

The whole story comes out as a little cute and somewhat heartwarming, but there is a bit of an air about it that reads this could have been a shitshow if just one or two people involved were even slightly less chill about things. I’m glad it all worked out and this couple had a memorable wedding weekend.

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