Red Wings and Maple Leafs Should Play Lets Make a Deal

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The Detroit Red Wings’ Steve Yzerman should get the Toronto Maple Leafs’ Kyle Dubas on the horn. According to TSN’s Kristen Shilton, Dubas is ready to talk shop and willing to part with top prospects to make it happen:

We’ll look at everything,” he said. “I don’t go in transfixed on any one area in particular. Some [areas] on our team, like defence and goaltending, are a little bit more stable. In the summer we had to move out some forwards that were good forwards for us in order to add on the back end, and thus we feel like that’s an area where we may want to look out a little bit more. But I’m not precluding anything at this point.”

The Leafs are willing to engage in talks, gearing up for what should be a long run in the

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playoffs if they add those right pieces. As Tampa showed last year, it’s adding the right guys, not

necessarily the best ones. The Leafs don’t have a ton of wiggle room with the cap so there’s a number of guys that could fit the bill for Dubas and company without giving up an extraordinary amount of assets.

Bobby Ryan obviously tops the list. His contract is absolutely doable for the Leafs and he would be even more valuable on a team where he would be surrounded by higher talent. Ryan is often driving the play on the Red Wings. Imagine what he could do on a loaded Maple Leafs team,

especially on the man advantage.

Maybe to add in a sweetener? How about a 2nd round pick and potentially Jonathan Bernier? Shilton asked Dubas about Fredrik Andersson, who’s struggled a bit lately. While Dubas said he was confident with his options there, why not ask? Bernier has been outsanding on a defensively challenged Wings squad. Again, imagine the possibilities if he has a strong team in front of him. It could be a much better opportunity the second time in Toronto for Bernier–especially with a better roster than back in 2013-2016.

Who should the Wings ask for?

Nick Robertson would be one guy Yzerman could try and pry away. Robertson would be one of several forwards to compete for a spot next season with a number of veteran contracts falling off. Robertson also fits the mold of an Yzerman guy–a lethal shot with great vision who reminds me a lot of Alex DeBrincat with his release. The Athletic’s Corey Pronman had a great writeup about him last year, and I think of all the Leafs’ prospects, he should be at the top of the list. But it will take a little bit more than Ryan, Bernier, and a 2nd round pick. That’s where Yzerman’s creativity comes in.

Rodion Amirov would be another intriguing option. The winger has nine goals in the KHL and is another that would fit the Yzerplan blueprint.

While Timothy Liljegren is there, too, I think the Wings need to find more in the way of a high scoring forward which Robertson or Amirov would fit.

Rasmus Sandin isn’t going anywhere, either. 

Both teams seem like a nice match for each other. Let’s see creativity take over and get a deal done.

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