Reports: NHL adopts changes to draft lottery, impacting Red Wings

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In all likelihood the Red Wings again are going to be in the NHL draft lottery.

Once they are there, their odds of landing the No.1 pick overall are going to be a little different.

The NHL’s Board of Governors has approved changes to the system, according to Canadian sports networks TSN and Sportsnet, which will take effect over the next two years.

Beginning this year, only the top two spots in the draft will be determined by the lottery — a reduction from three.

And beginning in 2022, a team can only move up a maximum of 10 spots in the lottery — making 11 of the 16 teams that miss the playoffs eligible for the first overall pick.

Also starting with the 2022 draft, a team can win the lottery no more than twice in a five-year span.

The Red Wings not winning the lottery last season was a key reason for the changes.

The Wings were last in the NHL by 23 points — and yet dropped the fourth in the lottery, with the New York Rangers — who qualified for the Return To Play play-in round — winning the lottery and drafting first overall.

After last year’s lottery, many in the NHL felt the odds should favor the worst teams that season.

The NHL Entry Draft is tentatively set for July 23-24, although there has been speculation about pushing it back due to many junior leagues having little or no season because of the pandemic.

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