Quick Hits: The Upset Edition

Winging It In Motown

Former Red Wing Todd Bertuzzi charged with driving drunk in Auburn Hills, police say

Bertuzzi was taken to the Oakland County Jail and released after 12 hours, pending toxicology results, police said. Results showed his blood alcohol content was .25%, authorities said.

Officials issued charges for operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated with a high blood alcohol content. Bertuzzi was arraigned Thursday (March 25) at 52/3 District Court, police said.

The difference between this BAC and the term “Superdrunk” being used is that the arrest didn’t happen in Grand Rapids, but this is still more than three times the legal limit. Bertuzzi (and everybody on the road with him) is lucky he didn’t kill somebody.

I have very strong feelings about driving drunk. Whatever the cause, I want a solution that’s going to keep people safe. Bertuzzi should get the help he needs to prevent this and do the work he should to make up for it.


1. Lightning vs. 8. Red Wings

The Lightning are one of the best teams on paper and the Red Wings are one of the worst. Even in a best-of-seven, I’d predict a Lightning sweep. Barring a miracle, that’s the case here too.

If you wanted to spend a minute mad at an Islanders blog, they picked the Wings to rightfully get stomped by the Lightning but somehow also picked the Sabres (winless in 17 straight games now) to upset the Caps.

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