Red Wings Trade Rumors: Bobby Ryan to Toronto Possibilities

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The Red Wings are going to be sellers yet again in this years upcoming deadline, and there are multiple players that are likely to be moved by April 12th. One name that has come up repeatedly is veteran forward Bobby Ryan. This is the first part in a two part series of where Bobby Ryan could end up and what he could fetch as a return.

Bobby Ryan Profile

At 33, Bobby Ryan is not a long term asset – he’s a rental player. But rental players serve their purpose on a contending team. Nearly every Stanley Cup contender could use a cheap veteran forward to bolster depth scoring, and in that sense, Ryan is perfect. At $1 million, Ryan’s salary is small enough for nearly any team to take it on, and his 14 points (fifth on Detroit) produced as an anchor of Detroit’s second line show that he can combine a veteran presence with actual production, something that is a bit harder to find with short term rentals.

Potential Landing Spots

As a result of Ryan’s obvious value, multiple teams seem to be a perfect fit – the Vegas Golden Knights, Toronto Maple Leafs, and Boston Bruins are names that seem to constantly float around Bobby Ryan trade rumors. Each makes sense – all are great teams looking for that one piece to be a difference maker in a deep playoff run. However, of the three teams, it seems Toronto might be the most interested in making a move for Ryan by the 12th. According to the Athletic’s James Mirtle, Bobby Ryan is one of the top five potential additions to Toronto’s roster.

Red Wings Trade Possibilities with Toronto

So let’s just say Toronto decides to make a move for Ryan. What could Detroit get in return?

Well, the most likely return is a third or fourth round draft pick. I know, I know. Pretty boring. But if I was a betting man, I’d place my money on a simple swap – Ryan for a third/fourth rounder from one of the three teams mentioned.

However, Toronto GM Kyle Dubas recently said that he’s willing to part with some of Toronto’s top prospects, and we looked at  a potential Detroit-Toronto deal IF multiple players were involved. Also, to make things a little more interesting, Dubas specifically mentioned looking for depth forwards at the deadline – and with Toronto’s current cap space situation, ideally that depth forward would be cheap. Bobby Ryan checks both of those boxes.

If Toronto really is interested in acquiring Ryan, Red Wings GM Steve Yzerman could get creative and throw in a couple of picks to pry away a top tier prospect. Even top prospects like Nick Roberston could be in the conversation, if Yzerman is willing to part with one of the many mid round picks he has available in this years draft. This is certainly a situation to keep an eye on.

In all likelihood, Yzerman will probably just notch another draft pick in a draft already loaded with picks – but if Toronto gets desperate, Detroit might just get some fantastic additions to their growing prospect pool.

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