Quick Hits: The Taking Shots Edition

Winging It In Motown

Ex-Detroit Red Wings voice Bruce Martyn on why Gordie Howe was greater than Wayne Gretzky – Freep (Via Yahoo)

“Wayne Gretzky was probably the best offensive player I saw, but Gordie Howe was the greatest all-around player. Gretzky had two or three protectors around him, but Gordie took care of his own people. If you got near Howe, there was a good chance you would get an elbow in the face. I’ve always said that I would play five Gordie Howes on my team against five Wayne Gretzkys any day. The Gretzkys would all be laying around the ice, and the Howes would still be going.”

This seems like a fun thing to argue. I like the “probably the best offensive player” line.

Golden Knights’ Robin Lehner says the NHL lied to players, forced them to get COVID-19 vaccine – CBS

On Wednesday, Vegas Golden Knights goalie Robin Lehner called out the NHL, saying the league is not staying true to previous promises surrounding COVID-19 vaccinations. Lehner claims the league told players if they got vaccinated the restrictions would be loosened, but says that hasn’t been the case.

Lehner says the NHL forced the players to get the coronavirus vaccine and they were misled by what changes would be made if they agreed.

I’m getting my 2nd shot today. I’m happy to do it because it helps the greatest number of people for me to be vaccinated.

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