Detroit Red Wings: Jonathan Bernier’s Price Keeps Rising

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After a 50 save performance in the Detroit Red Wings 2-1 overtime loss Saturday evening, a few things became clear in regards to Jonathan Bernier‘s future in Detroit.

One, he should be re-signed, which would stabilize the Red Wings’ goaltending issue going into next season.

Two, he’s due for a nice raise.

Though Thomas Greiss has been better as of late, Bernier has been the stronger goalie not only this season, but last as well when Jimmy Howard ran into his own struggles. He’s proven to be one of Ken Holland’s better signings and performances like Saturday’s show just how valuable he’s been on a team that struggles to do just about everything.

Re-Signing Seems Right for Both Sides

Bernier’s $3 million salary seems a bargain now. Seeing that Griess is making close to $4 million, and Howard retired making north of $5 million over a much longer term, Bernier will most likely fall somewhere in between of those figures.

The Red Wings have a ton of money freeing up this offseason, not to mention the trade of Anthony Mantha opened things up closer to $49 million. While a more expensive deal for Bernier wouldn’t disrupt too much financially, Steve Yzerman is one who takes the long view. Bernier expressed a desire to stay in Detroit and if that’s the case, maybe he’s willing to stay with the Red Wings for a discount. There’s no doubt Bernier could make good money on the open market.

Bernier turns 33 in August, so another two-year deal seems likely. Price wise? Somewhere between $4.25 – $4.5 million could do it. Bernier should see at least a million more from his current salary and also surpass what Greiss is making.

But it has to be something that makes sense for both sides. Yzerman is building a team without hamstringing it financially. Bernier is owed a raise, too.

The Red Wings will be rotating more players out and bringing new ones in that fit the Yzerman mold. One of the few that may be asked back could be–and should be–Bernier.

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