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Winging It In Motown

How Detroit Red Wings would deal with a goaltending crisis – Freep

“I would say it’s probably a close race between myself, LJ Scarpace, and Jeff Salajko, who is the worst goalie of the three,” Blashill said. “Jeff Salajko claims he’s got health reasons why he can’t put the pads on ever, yet he works out every day like crazy. I think an excuse, personally. So I think it would be kind of a battle between the three of us. If I don’t like the way the game is going, maybe I don’t want to be on the bench anymore, maybe I’d put the pads on and go from there.”

Blashill was joking here, but the question isn’t actually answered at any point in the article.

Chicago Blackhawks forward Andrew Shaw retiring at 29 because of concussions – ESPN

“Me being the player I am, I play physical, I play on the edge, and I put myself in vulnerable positions because I’m just so competitive because I want to win, and I push my body to those limits,” Shaw said. “But then another concussion would happen, and I’d be back in that dark hole again. The last four years, I felt like I was just clawing.”

I was surprised to realize that Shaw is only 29 because he’s been a pain in the ass for so long it’s hard to conceive he’s shy of his 30th. I’m glad he had the support system in place to where he could actually listen to it and make the choice to prioritize his long-term health.

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