Quick Hits: The 100 Point Edition

Winging It In Motown

Bobby Ryan still fits into the Detroit Red Wings rebuild. Here’s how – Freep

“He cares about helping people, he cares about our hockey team growing,” Blashill said. “Any time you’re trying to develop young people, they have to have great role models. They have to have great papa bears that can help them work their way through the different challenges that they face in their career. People that they respect. Coaches are one thing. It’s a whole different thing when you can get that in your locker room

I like the quotes Ryan provided as well. I like how well it fits in with Jake’s post yesterday as well. Plus, this wasn’t behind a paywall like the Freep’s and Detroit News’ posts about whether Blashill should return.

McDavid trying for 100-point season, won’t be rested by Oilers – NHL.com

“I’m going to play him like normal,” Tippett said Thursday. “He wants to be our leader, we’re talking about getting our team game in order. He’s the leader of that and he wants to keep pushing that way. He knows his responsibility on our team. He just wants to keep playing, if the 100 points happens, it happens. If not, I don’t think it’s a big deal to him.”

Unsaid by the league: “Please for the love of God give us a story we can focus on that isn’t the Rangers/Caps bullshit.”

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