Quick Hits: The Come Back Soon Edition

Winging It In Motown

Luke Glendening Wants to Come Back Too – Detroit News

“Wearing the winged wheel has been a dream since I first started playing hockey, and maybe even before,” Glendening said. “I never knew if it was going to be a reality, but it was something I always dreamed of. Every day I come to the rink to and get to put that sweater on, it’s a special day for me.

“I’d love to be part of this moving forward.”

This is the same story as was in QH yesterday but if the diggers are going to bury all the stuff in dump-out posts then I’m going to go to ends to make sure the content is shared.

Lots of talk around about the veterans versus kids stuff. My bottom line is that without signing any free agents, Detroit is relying on Hayden Verbeek to fill their 12th forward slot… and that’s IF they still have Frans Nielsen around.

Glendening is likely going to command more than I would want to pay him if he explores the open market. If that happens then farewell. If he really does want to feel the special dream of putting on the Winged wheel, then my unfortunate truth is that he’s the one paying a bit of a premium to do it.

Incredibly relieved to see he was stable enough to be released. I hope he has a full, speedy recovery.

Shared in yesterday’s QH comments, but worth repeating. Cool stuff.


If you are wondering why it says “Different” for Ovechkin, here’s why:

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