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2021 Draft Consensus Rankings – WIIM Fanposts

This year I had 25 sources with almost all of them being familiar to people like me who research prospects. I ended up with 113 players with all but two having at least multiple second round rankings. The two that didn’t had a whole bunch of third round rankings so I kept them.

MidlandWingsFan74 has been putting together consensus draft rankings for the last four years. It’s not always easy to see the fanposts so I wanted to make sure people saw this.

I knew the NHL was planning on going back to a “normal” schedule but I was kind of hoping that the Wings wouldn’t choose to go with the maximum number of preseason games. I don’t blame them for doing it because it’s basically a free pass for extra ticket sales.

If you’re curious, all of those “at LCA” games will feature the players people might want to watch while the road games feature the B-sides. Just the way it goes.

Speaking of scheduling.

Nashville Predators prospect Luke Prokop says he is gay, hopes living ‘authentic life’ helps NHL career – ESPN

“I hope that in sharing who I am I can help other people see that gay people are welcome in the hockey community, as we work to make sure that hockey is truly for everyone,” Prokop wrote. “I may be new to the community, but I am eager to learn about the strong and resilient people who came before me and paved the way so I could be more comfortable today.”

I don’t like the way that article is titled because it builds in a bit of cynicism. The full text of the story covers things much better than the awkward title suggests.

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