Quick Hits: The New D Man Edition

Winging It In Motown

Former Blackhawks coach gives investigators account of player abuse allegations – TSN

“One day he was gone,” Vincent said. “Normally when you win a Cup everybody gets an extension. He’d been broomed out, let go, fired.” “What’s your take on how it was handled?” Schar asked.

“All I know is it never got beyond the Chicago Blackhawks,” Vincent responded.

This story isn’t going away and the details as they come out aren’t getting any better for the Blackhawks.

I’m going to say that for Quick Hits, since this is a topic that has come up a lot in our posts and I recognize a number of people may feel like they’ve already said everything they need to say on the topic unless some drastically unexpected new information comes out, whenever I post one of these updates I’ll add another story too. Relitigating this stuff can make people feel like they’d prefer the story just go away and I very much don’t want that to happen.

Ranking the 5 best fits from this year’s free-agent signings – The Score

Suter’s buyout from the Minnesota Wild was one of the biggest shocks of the offseason, and his subsequent four-year pact with the Stars was another move that surprised many. Dallas may come to regret paying the veteran rearguard until he’s 40, but at a discounted rate, it’s certainly a worthy gamble.

It’s pretty much just a list of five bigger contracts.

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