Red Wings Prospects Pipeline Deep Dive: Antti Tuomisto

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Antti Tuomisto is yet another Detroit Red Wings prospect that will play with Denver University in the upcoming season. Let’s examine the Finnish defenseman’s progression since his draft year.

2021 Statline

Denver University

Games Played: 25

Goals: 2

Assists: 9


Right Shot Defenseman


194 Pounds


Antti Tuomisto fits the archtype of a “Steve Yzerman defenseman” – he’s a big, mobile and raw prospect with a high ceiling.

Tuomisto developed in the Finnish Juniors, playing with Assat’s U-20 team. However, in his first year in the Red Wings organization, he made the decision to play in North America, landing in the NCAA with Denver University. In his first year with the team, Tuomisto scored a couple goals and nine assists in 25 games.

Tuomisto is an offensive-defenseman. He often uses his high-end skating in north-to-south transitional situations, entering the zone efficiently for either a scoring chance or a new offensive series for his team.

Tuomisto is a puck-moving defenseman as well. He can rotate the puck to his forwards efficiently; while it doesn’t show up on the scoresheet, Tuomisto can often open up defenses with his quick and shifty puck movement in the offensive and neutral zones. He also possesses an array of shots, his specialties being the one-timer and the slapshot. Tuomisto’s skillset is perfect for a team looking for a power play quarterback or simply a puck-mover on the offense.

ETA: 2024-25

Tuomisto is an underrated prospect for the Red Wings. As a defenseman, a true breakout season is a bit tough to pull off (unless you are Moritz Seider), especially on a team as stacked as Denver. But as he continues to mature in the NCAA, Tuomisto will be given a larger role with Denver. If Tuomisto goes for the full four years in Denver, he won’t be available for the Wings until the 2024-25 season. However, based on his skill level and the current trajectory of his development, Tuomisto will be more than ready for some sort of role on Detroit’s main roster when the time comes.

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