Quick Hits: The Preseason Continues Edition

Winging It In Motown

Preseason Results: Detroit 4 – Chicago 3 (SO) – Bobby Ryan is good.

Preseason Game 2 – tonight vs. Buffalo (7:30pm ET)
Broadcast Info – Apparently will be streamed on the Wings’ Youtube channel, but stay tuned for that.

Blashill: Lucas Raymond will need to be one of top players to win Red Wings roster spot – Detroit News

“You should walk out of (the exhibition) games and feel like he was one of the better players on the ice,” said coach Jeff Blashill, of what Raymond has to do to be with the Wings opening night. “It shouldn’t be a hard decision. Because here’s the thing: If guys are equal, then you keep your depth by starting a guy like Lucas Raymond in the minors and letting him earn his way back on the team, whether through injuries, and we’re going to have injuries at some point.

“So, I said this earlier in the week: The guys that are trying to grab jobs, you can’t just be as good as another guy. You’ve got to be way better. When we watch the game, the impact on the game has to be great.”

Aw shit, this sounds a lot like “tie goes to the veteran.”

New NHL fans, here’s what you need to know about the red and blue lines while watching a game – Seattle Times

So that’s the inside info on lines in the NHL. Which isn’t to be confused with forward “lines” of centers and wingers, which the Kraken is now experimenting with various combinations of these preseason games. Now as you watch the team do that, you’ll know what the blue and red lines are for.

The only reason I’m sharing this is because Michael Traikos went all stupid on Twitter yesterday taking shots at people who may need this kind of info and then deleted his entire tantrum.

Gatekeeping is bad.

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