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Winging It In Motown

Detroit Red Wings’ Dylan Larkin: Suspension warranted, but I had ‘so much anger’

“I was very much disappointed in myself after, and disappointed for the team. But I also think enough is enough. I’ve been through some tough times and I just felt a pain and immediately thought, here we go again. I got up and reacted and I’ll deal with the punishment. I dealt with the punishment. I’m very eager to move on. I’m very relieved it wasn’t anything serious. I served my suspension and am ready to get back out there.”

Lots more quotes in there from Larkin that add plenty more context and likely answers some of the stuff you might be thinking about the Jamie Benn thing, whether Joseph feels bad for his hit and whether the Wings are or are not done taking other team’s shit (spoiler: they are done with it).

I really like the composure Larkin held with these questions. He’s had time to think about a good captainly thing and he said the things to the press that he should have. I trust that the words that come out behind closed doors are less-polished than that and I also trust that Larkin knows that his GM and coach are going to be the ones fighting with the league on this shit while it’s his job to get back to playing.

The NHL didn’t actually announce a falsified vaccination card and it’s probably that the don’t want to push this because the burden of proof for Kane having committed a felony is higher than their burden for suspending him for not complying with their protocols. Announcing such would invite a lot of legal wrangling they likely don’t want to deal with.

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