Wings force OT but lose to Panthers 3-2

Winging It In Motown

ESPN+ only game so no Ken and Mick tonight gang.

Who remembered Joe Thornton was on the Panthers? Not me.

First Period

Larkin and Bertuzzi making trouble on their first shift forcing Bobrovsky to be awake and alert. Ned has to make a big save of his own after a defensive hiccup by Staal and Zadina, sort of, but the Wings overall doing a good job these first few minutes. Winning faceoffs. What a revelation.

The first five minutes of the game was noticeably slow now that the pace has picked up. Ned and Bob have both had to be on their toes. Larkin and Bert again driving the Wings offensive chances. Unfortunately, Luostarinen scores making it 1-0 Panthers.

6 minutes to go and the Red Wings are getting clowned in their own zone a little bit. 3 minutes left and Namestnikov absolutely shames Montour breaking into the zone. Montour is sent to the Habitat for Horribleness for tripping and it’s time for a Rrrrrred Wings powerplay! We have our first scuffle of the game, nature is healing, but nothing more than a little jostling. Bert and Larkin have some good chances but no go for the powerplay.

Panthers get a goal as the penalty expires, a little sketchy as the puck was under Ned’s pad and got shoved in but not enough for Blash to challenge. 2-0 Panthers thanks to Barkov.

However, Wings get another powerplay for the last minute of the period. Gudas to the Idiot Inn for tripping Rasmussen. Raymond smoothly threads the Panthers defense but Bob commits crimes to make a great save.

That’ll do it for the first. 2-0 Panthers and Wings will have one minute of powerplay time to start the second.

Second Period

If you’re watching the ESPN broadcast you may be surprised to see that the Red Wings are playing in this game and it’s not in fact an exclusively Panther’s broadcast.

Powerplay expires and Gudas sprints out of the box to try and get a breakaway chance but Ned and Leddy take care of it. Gudas should have gotten another penalty on the end of the play but what else is new, water is wet, etc.

RED WINGS SCORE!!!! SAM GAGNER!! Now 2-1 Panthers. Bucci keeps saying Gagner has “tasty mittens” and “marinara mittens” and it is…odd.

A couple minutes in and another little scuffle as the team jumps to Ned’s defense as he gets poked at because the refs were late to blow the whistle again. Stevie Y’s Good Squad continues to take care of their own business.

Halfway through the period and Erne and co. have a long shift in the Panthers’ end but never get off a good shot. Larkin’s line, still on pew pew pew mode, gets some good shots off but Bob is still very sharp. Marchment clank rings off the goalpost, thank you goalpost. Panthers get their own long shift in the Red Wings end and it’s scrambling action like kittens and a laser pointer with 6 to go.

Stephens goes to Jerk Jail for a holding penalty and Panthers get their first powerplay. Red Wings penalty kill with 3:30 to go. Wings penalty kill is very good and they take over after the kill with some sharp passing. Raymond gets a decent chance but doesn’t quite get all of the shot.

With 5 seconds to go, Mo Seider is in the Knave Kennel for playing defense. They call it “tripping”.

We’ll start the third on a Red Wings penalty kill! Still 2-1 Panthers.

P.S. Larkin line is wild

Third Period

Time for a Rrrred Wings penalty kill! And our penalty killers are looking good again with Ned making a snappy save as the penalty expires. Larkin line (that would be Bert and Raymond of course) are dangerous again. Basically every shift they are charging into the Panthers’ zone and causing trouble.

Seider has his revenge by drawing a penalty just 3:30 into the period. Tippett is trapped in the Loser Locker and it’s a Red Wings powerplay! The powerplay can’t get going at all, ugly stuff like last year, but at least it doesn’t self-destruct into a shorty.

Zadina is having a noticeably bad game 🙁

WE HAVE WITNESSED A MIRACLE – A CROSS-CHECKING PENALTY HAS BEEN CALLED. ON THE PANTHERS. Bennett goes to Miscreant Manor for cross-checking Vlad and it’s time for a Red Wings powerplay with 12 minutes to go. The powerplay ends early and Hronek has to go to the Ne’er-do-well Nook for interference on Gudas. We’ll play 4 on 4 for 30 seconds and then a 1:30 penalty kill. Ras gets taken down with no call, nature is healing. Stecher goes down and no call. The penalty expires and two big saves from Ned.

8 minutes to go still 2-1 Panthers.

6 minutes to go and Erne is hobbling a bit as he blocks a shot. Another blocked shot. Fabbri blocks shots. Ned blocks shots. IT’S PANDEMONIUM. Somehow the puck is finally cleared. Absolutely chaotic sequence and the crowd loves it.

4 minutes to go and the Wings are giving it their all.

3 minutes to go AND THERE IT IS. RED WINGS SCOOOOOORE! SUTER TIES THE GAME! Octopus on the ice.

2 minutes to go and the puck is on top of Ned’s net!!! Eek! The net is dislodged as Larkin and Marchment run into it. No penalties (as it should be).

This is chaotic and fun Red Wings hockey.

1 minute

30 seconds



Heart. Hustle. GRIT.


A lot of “almosts” with just missed passes and just whiffed shots. Barkov sadly wins the game for the Panthers but you have to love the fight from the Red Wings in the third.

Panthers win 3-2 in OT and Red Wings pick up a loser point.

Wings are back tomorrow in Toronto (except Bertuzzi)

P.S. Seider is the king of TOI holy jumpin’

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