Always bring an extra goal: Red Wings 2 – Islanders 1

Winging It In Motown

First Period

Puck is spending too much time around Ned the first couple minutes, of course he loves playing the puck, but as far as strategy it’s a good idea to have the puck in the opponent’s zone. But that’s just one expert’s opinion.

But who am I to throw stones when I too take longer than I should to fully wake up?

“Tyler will never be accused of being the quickest guy on the ice” – Mickey Redmond, 2021.

Zadina is snakebit by snakes that were bitten by other snakes. He’s trying everything he can to get the puck in the net and it just hasn’t been working for him. It’s a big night for Zadina Opinion Havers.

15 minutes in and very few whistles, and very few exciting moments. First penalty of the game with 6:21 to go in the period. Mayfield goes to the Bad Boy Box for a hooking penalty against Larkin. Time for a Rrrrrred Wings powerplay! Nice chance for Larkin as he dekes his way to his favorite bad angle shot position. The powerplay is not successful.

The ref yells specifically at “Lucas” to get onside, nobody wants to extend the game by having whistles. Good for them.

And that’s it. Shots are 13-10 Wings and score is 0-0.

Second Period

Second penalty of the game sends Oesterle to the Punishment Pen for tripping Czikis. Red Wings penalty kill time early in the period. Ken Daniels trying to manifest a SHG. Wings actually do get a rush going the other way so it helped. Penalty killed!

Ken Daniels trying again this time yelling THE ROOKIE POINT LEADER when Raymond has the puck and almost shoots it. Almost at the halfway mark and Palmieri slashes Zadina and goes to the Timeout Terrarium. Time for another Rrrrrred Wings powerplay! THE POWERPLAY WORKED! Larkin makes it 1-0! Bounces it off the blocker and into the net. Assists to Mo and Lucas. Bless ‘em.

Pace has picked up and Red Wings get their third powerplay with 3 minutes to go. Pageau sits in the Felon Fridge for high-sticking Larkin, which was very mean and rude of him. Another shot by Zadina and another denial. Looking up cursebreaking rituals. He’s at 7 shots for the game.

Closing seconds of the period and Isles get a 3 on 1 and Ned passes the test. Lindstrom took a swipe at the puck, missed, fell down, and that let the Isles start that rush.

Shots 32-19 and score is 1-0 in favor of the Wings. The Islanders remain “defense focused” i.e. a boring lump of a team.

Third Period

Mo Seider continues to keep elite company

2 hours of real time and 45 minutes of game time have elapsed. Nothing really to say about the first half of the period. Or most of the game. The Zadina Discourse continues but he may have just saved a goal for all he can’t score them.

We’ve reached the Ken and Mick talking about prospects on both the Wings and other teams part of the boring game.

Ras and Zadina get a 2 on 1 and you can see Ras thinking about passing to Zadina, remembering he is cursed, and taking the shot himself. 2-0 Red Wings with 7 minutes to go from a snappy shot by Rasmussen. Seeing Ras and Zadina on the run I was like this is going to be a disappointment but it wasn’t, sometimes life surprises you.

Ice level view

Not over yet, 2:30 to go and an Anders Lee redirect goes behind Ned and it’s 2-1 Wings.

Empty net and Hronek goes for his signature goal from six miles away but misses.

30 seconds to go.

Ned makes a buzzer beater save and the Red Wings win! Shots 39-34 and score 2-1 for the Wings.

You’ll be shocked to hear it was an oopsie daisy from DeKeyser that caused the last second drama.


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