Overtime bites! Red Wings lose to the Sharks 3-2

Winging It In Motown

No Larkin tonight and no news on his potential return yet.

First Period

Off to a good start with Suter just missing and clank off the post. They’ve probably had the puck more in the first five minutes than they did the entire game against LA the other night. That may be an exaggeration but not by much.

Riley Barber limps down the tunnel, not sure what happened 🙁

Stop me if you’ve heard this before. Givani Smith is in a fight. He won, no doubter. But he and Jeffrey Viel (if he is still alive, ok he is) will sit and think about their crimes in the Chastisement Chamber for 5 minutes.

11:37 and it’s time for a Rrrrrrred Wings powerplay! Jonathan Dahlen to the Bad Boy Box for hooking Hronek. The first minute looks like a Sharks powerplay, oops. The powerplay is killed.

Now it’s the Sharks turn for powerplay as Staal will think about his deeds in the Staal Sins Stall for his crosscheck on Adam Raska (in his NHL debut). Penalty kill time! Suter tries for another shorty, he’s been having a good roadtrip. Penalty killed!

Aaaaand another penalty kill! Fabbri to the Fiendish Fabbri Foundry for cross checking Mario Ferraro. The penalty is NOT killed. Timo Meier’s powerplay goal makes it 1-0 Sharks with 5:30 to go.

And that’ll do it. Heading into the second down by a goal.

Second Period

Ned already a busy bee in the first two minutes. Seider gets caught by a puck in the left ear and goes off the ice and grabs a towel for it. No word on if the puck was injured or if a giant anvil will be dropped onto Raymond from the ceiling later.

Otherwise, nothing much happening the first half but now the Wings are showing some life with a good chance from Givani who got in too close and couldn’t get a shot off but it was a very good try and sparked the rest of the gang to get their butts in gear.

Hronek several times has gotten fooled by a Sharks forward pulling the puck back and darting into the middle.

8 minutes to go, Seider still missing, and Ganger to the Jerk Jail for tripping Jasper Weatherby. Penalty killed!

4:38 to go and Seider is back baby!

2:21 to go and Bert was held, hooked, kinda tripped. Mario Ferraro to the Degen Den for all of that mess, but officially holding. BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! Tomas Hertl trips Ned and joins Ferraro in aforementioned Degen Den. 1.5 minutes of 5v3 powerplay. The powerplay is not looking good but with 20 seconds left in the period BERTUZZI SCORES!! Redirects the shot from Hronek. TIE GAME.

The refs are huddled but it doesn’t look like a goal review. They’re adjusting the clock as the 5v3 appeared to expire right on the goal. They leave the Wings with 20 seconds of powerplay, the goal occurred officially during the 5v3.

That’ll do it. Powerplays are over and we’re tied 1-1. Another point for Mo Seider 🙂

Third Period

Two minutes in and BOOM! NICK LEDDY MAKES IT 2-1! His first goal as a Red Wing.

A minute later and the Sharks score…maybe. Blash chomping on his gum and does not challenge the call. Me, an idiot, thought it would have been interference but I’m not wearing a suit, bald and chewing gum so what do I know. Jeffrey Viel scores, I guess, and it’s 2-2.

Wings doing their best to give the Sharks a goal by letting them charge in alone on Ned. Interesting strategy.

Unsolicited Mo content because it was a fun little step and kick move.

Over halfway and getting a bit lopsided as Sharks are getting the good scoring chances. Or really, all the chances. Only 3 shots for the Wings with 7 minutes to go. Getting a little dump and chase-y…

3 minutes and clank Sharks hit the goalpost. Thank you goalpost. Wings finally putting some pressure on, they are very inspired by the hard work of the goalpost.

1 minute…

30 seconds…

Loser point achievement unlocked.


Logan Couture scores. Red Wings lose 🙁


Refs are huddled for quite some time looking for…offside? It’s a good thing it isn’t 1am on the East Coast.


Shots were 40-19. Elite numbers but not ideal on the scoresheet.

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