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Winging It In Motown

Red Wings Blashill Proposes NHL Change Special Teams Stats – DetHockey Now

Blashill is also of the opinion that the NHL should look at the way it calculates power-play percentages and factor shorthanded goals into the equation. He thinks that shorthanded goals should be subtracted from power-play goals before the power-play percentage is figured out.At the same time, he would like to see shorthanded goals scored by a team subtracted from the power-play goals allowed before assessing penalty killing stats.

If this formula were to be applied, it would make Detroit’s already-dismal 30th-ranked power play even more abysmal. The Wings have scored 18 power-play goals in 122 opportunities (14.8%). But they’ve allowed five shorthanded goals. Under Blashill’s formula, Detroit’s power-play percentage is dropping to 10.6%

This article is several days old by now but I wanted to share it because it’s funny. First of all, the NHL already tracks net PP and PK, so the information is easy to get and second of all it’s not like you’re not allowed to individually factor it. Teams aren’t gameplanning for their opposition based on PK or PP%

“While we have arena standards, we would approach the entire situation in a way intended to accommodate the club’s needs in effectuating a successful transition to a new venue,” Daly wrote in an email. “While there may very well be some, I can’t think of any hard and fast rules that couldn’t be relaxed to accommodate what is necessary.”

When asked specifically if the league would approve the Coyotes playing in an arena with a seating capacity as low as 5,000, Daly said it “depends on the totality of circumstances, but I wouldn’t rule it out.”

This is absolutely a balloon being floated to work in negotiations, but Arizona playing in a 5,000-seat arena would be interesting to watch because it’s not like their attendance would change, it’s just that it would look much fuller.

This is absolutely a quid pro quo by the league to get Kane his new Edmonton contract while at the same time killing the grievance filed for Kane about the Sharks terminating his contract.

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