Wings lose to Kings 5-3. See you after the All Star break!

Winging It In Motown

Now we see what the Other G. Smith can do

You may have tried to forget our last game against the Kings about a month ago where we were shutout and those stupid chrome helmets were flashed in our faces all night.

First Period

Red Wings definitely have their legs from puck drop, no slow starts here! Kempe and Smith have a big accidental collision away from the play, neither was looking where they were going. But Gemel is back up no worse for wear, Mick is surprised he was able to shake it off.

Kings starting to take over, just making sure Ned doesn’t get bored. Wings not setting themselves up as well as they were a few minutes ago. It’s still weird to say this but Rasmussen settles things down and his line showing good chemistry.

Halfway point and shots are 9-1 Kings. It doesn’t FEEL quite that lopsided at least. You’ll know things are bad when all the commentary shifts from play by play to talking about the game at the prison that time.

7:45 to go and we get a delay of game penalty for puck over the glass, which is still a dumb penalty both in the way Erne did it and the existence of that as a penalty in general. In any case, Adam Erne to the Bad Boy Box and time for the Red Wings penalty kill to do the thing. LA’s powerplay isn’t much better than ours, by the numbers. Gagner makes a shorthanded attempt, good for him. Penalty killed!

THERE’S A MOOSE IN THE HOOSE. Rasmussen’s line continues to buzz as Zadina kicks things off with a good defensive play back by Ned and Ras charges into the zone. The puck bounces off of everything and Ras finally snaps it in. 1-0 Red Wings!

That’ll do it for the first. Shots 13-5 Kings but 1-0 Wings.

Second Period

Well off to a start. Ned has to make a Big Boy Save(TM) only 30 seconds in to keep the Wings in the lead.

Everybody tries a backhand shot, Ras, Erne and Zadina. None of them able to get by Bishop. 16:51 to go and it’s time for a Rrrrrred Wings powerplay! Byfield in the Boohoo Bin for holding. The powerplay basically can’t even enter the zone, not great. Red Wings kill their own powerplay very effectively.

When you’re almost asleep but you hear your friend say they’re going to text their ex:

Red Wings to the penalty kill as Mo Seider is framed for a sports crime and goes to the Reprobate Receptacle. Wings penalty kill back at it. Penalty killed!

First scrap of the game! Suter takes an extra poke at Bishop and a scrap ensues with Bertuzzi in the mix as usual. Then Fabbri has a proper fight with Durzi. Fabbri and Bert to the Crimes Cabana together. Lemieux and Durzi in their own Jerk Jail. Fabbri and Durzi for fighting and Bert and Lemieux for fighting.

If Wes made the call, it was not on the broadcast, and that really is a crime. Still 5v5 but the Kings score 🙁

Tie game with 7 minutes to go. Danault scores off a big rebound from Ned’s shoulder. But that empties the boxes and Larkin, Bert and Raymond doing their thing putting the pressure on.

Confusing series of events. The puck does eventually get in behind Ned, but there was question of a possible high stick on the initial shot. It all checks out and it’s 2-1 Kings with under 2 minutes to go.

The differentials are bad to end the period. Shots are 35-13 Kings and score is 2-1 Kings.

BUT WE’RE A THIRD PERIOD TEAM…RIGHT?? I can’t think of any game in the last week where the Wings had problems during the third period.

Third Period

Bert on the top line again now with Larks and Raymond. The Blash Bingo Wheel is fired up. So far, not working as the Kings are all over the Red Wings and smothering them every time they try and get anything going.

11:21 to go and RED WINGS SCORE!!!! TIE GAME! Bert redirects Lindstrom’s shot. Octopus on the ice.

GEMEL SMITH MIXING IT UP! He’s fighting Lemieux. A time honored tradition. That’s how you make an entrance in Hockeytown.

Halfway point shots 39-18 Kings and score tied at 2.

BUT THEN. Sigh. Danault scores again. 3-2 Kings with 8 minutes left. No chance for Ned.

Wings doing their best but not getting anything in the net. Another scrum breaks out behind Quick. Bert and Larkin were poking at the puck as Quick was covering it. Nothing that’s a big deal, but Kings got grumpy about it. No penalties.

Wings are fighting hard to get a tying goal. Empty net with two minutes to go. Danault hits the goalpost lol.

Arvidsson gets the empty netter. 4-2 Kings.

JOE VELENO SCORES ANYWAY! 4-3 with 45 seconds to go. He was patient before picking the top corner.

Kempe gets another empty net. 5-3 Kings.

And that’ll do it.

Final: Shots 45-25 Kings and score 5-3 Kings

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