Moritz Seider Leaving No Doubt as the NHL’s Best Rookie

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Detroit Red Wings defenseman Moritz Seider continues to make a strong case as the league’s best rookie. I don’t disagree that Trevor Zegras has had jaw dropping highlights, emphasized at the Skills competition last weekend.

But can he compete with the opponent’s best night in and night out–and look dominant in doing so?

Nothing was more evident in Detroit’s 6-3 victory over Philadelphia Wednesday night that the Red Wings are a much better team with Seider on the blue line. And while Zegras delights the eye, it’s Seider quietly doing the things that not only warrant hardware, but help organizations rise out of the ashes of a rebuild.

If it keeps up, there’s no doubt that Seider is the NHL’s Rookie of the Year.

Seider Has Been Stellar from Day One in Detroit

It was the worst kept secret in Detroit that Seider would make the roster out of camp. There were the precautionary “he has to earn it” comments from head coach Jeff Blashill, and general manager Steve Yzerman. But it was akin to “you need to read carefully” when taking a test that’s open note. It was all but guaranteed to work, but no one wanted to get too far ahead.

Zip forward a few months, and now no one wants to get too over the top about the 20-year-old who looks to be Detroit’s first bonafide star on the blue line since Nicklas Lidstrom. Honestly though, it’s probably too late for that.

Blashill, who doesn’t exactly hand out compliments like they’re candy, calling Seider dominant. (Though Bultman did say the question had the word dominant in it). That wouldn’t stop Blashill from using different words to describe it. But the point is made.

So far, Seider has been everything the Red Wings could have hoped for–and more.

The Calder rewards the rookie determined “most proficient” in the league, and again, there isn’t one better than him. No one wants to jinx it or look too far ahead, but when something is true, it’s just true.

It makes any Red Wings fan giddy thinking about what the future holds with Simon Edvinsson, and Albert Johansson (among others) waiting to burst into the lineup. A young blue line that could buoy the team for years to come? Not to mention players like Gustav Lindstrom, who have been sneaky good all season long and only strengthen the back end even more.

Sure, things still need to play out to the end of the season. If I had the vote, there’s no doubt #53 would be #1 on my list.

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