Bad Play at the LCA: Avs beats Wings 5-2

Winging It In Motown

Light the Lamp was chaotic. Enjoy 🙂

First Period

Remember Darren Helm? A fairly obscure player in Red Wings history but he currently plays for the Avs and he is making trouble in the first minute where the Wings can’t get the puck out of their zone. Just like that it’s 1-0 Avs. Landeskog from Makar and Helm just 1:12 into the first.

I read that was Helm’s first point since…a different game against the Wings in December. Big if true!

A few minutes later and we get a groan from Mick as Fabbri goes to the Bad Boy Box for hooking. Red Wings penalty kill time and the penalty is killed!

Red Wings get their first good sequences in after about 8 minutes of bumbling around. Bert leading the charge with Larks and Raymond helping out. You can tell it’s been too long since the Wings last played a game.

8 minutes to go and Greiss goes sliding all over the place into different zip codes while Lindstrom gets the puck caught in his skates which finds its way to Jost for the easy shot into an open net. 2-0 Avs.

Zadina hangs onto the puck and weaves around a few Avs players while the Wings change and ends up with a tripping penalty against Jost somehow. Jost gets the other half of the penalty for interference against Zadina. Both go to their respective Crimes Cabanas so we’re 4v4 with 5.5 minutes to go.

Mo Seider actually missed connecting on a pass, that’s how this game is going.

We’ll end the period with a Rrrrrred Wings powerplay! Rasmussen gets hooked and MacDermid goes to the Jerk Jail. There is no power and the period ends with the Wings down 2-0.

Second Period

An uneventful first few minutes, an improvement! We get all the way to 12:24 with nothing happening until a puck over the glass penalty goes our way and it’s time for another Rrrrrrred Wings powerplay! Rantonen to the Reprobate Room. One moment of excitement as the puck bounces off the corner of the crossbar otherwise a pretty meh powerplay.

That gets us to the halfway point of the game. Shots actually even 14-14 and score still 2-0 Avs, Wings are waking up.

WE HAVE A RED WINGS GOAL!! Filip Zadina makes it 2-1!

Take another look and decide if that was Seider taking a shot or Seider playing evil genius with a purposeful rebound off the goalie. Mick and I agree it was the latter. Congrats to Larkin on his 200th assist while we’re at it.

Uh oh, just under 5 minutes to go and Adam Erne goes to the Evil Enclosure for “cross-checking” Burakovsky. Mick has opinions about this clear case of attempted murder.

The penalty is killed! Unfortunately, Kadri scores shortly after. 3-1 Avs. Zadina is frustrated with himself for not doing well enough at covering. On top of that, with 0.4 seconds left, Rasmussen earns himself a stay in the Loser Locker for tripping.

Third Period

The penalty is killed! Unfortunately, Nichushkin scores shortly after. 4-1 Avs. Is there an echo in here?

Nichushkin to Asshole Asylum for interference on Veleno. Time for another Rrrrrred Wings powerplay. POWERPLAY SUCCESS! Fabbri scores a bit of a pinball goal, another assist to a goalie leg and actual assists to Larkin and Seider. 4-2 Avs with 10 minutes to go.

Wings aren’t done for just yet. They aren’t being helped by the questionable non-calls and the refs in the stands are making some excellent points through their outraged fan noises.

This look like tripping to you?

To cheer himself and all of us up, Seider goes smash on Burkovsky and then easily gives Landeskog a classic reverse hit when he tries for revenge.

Greiss to the bench with 3 minutes to go.

Empty net goal.

FINAL: Avs 5 – Wings 2

We’ll try again on Saturday against the Leafs.

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