All Eyes on Yzerman as Trade Deadline Season Ramps Up

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As the calendar inches closer to March, it means Red Wings fans are on high alert watching every little thing Steve Yzerman says–or doesn’t say.

Yes, it’s almost comical how much we overanalyze the general manager. But he’s set that bar since building Tampa Bay into a powerhouse right up to his out of the blue deal to snag Alex Nedelkjovic last summer. Fans and pundits mine for clues–as Yzerman quips for all of them to not really read into anything at all.

As the next few weeks play out and the seller’s market is apparently going to be hot with a lot of big names being shuffled around, what might Yzerman do?

Yzerman Knew the Direction Last Two Seasons

Everyone knew the Wings were selling for the future during his first two trade deadline seasons–be it prospects, picks or guys who fit the Yzerplan vision. With the Red Wings sitting in a not so lottery friendly spot, how does that affect his selling? If there was ever a pivot for Yzerman to look to solidifying what is already in Detroit, it seems like that a Jakub Vrana like trade is the most likely–something for now as well as getting something for the future in the way of picks.

Even if the Red Wings move down a bit more, the draft is now less likely to yield a big jump or a jump at all. This certainly makes for another wrinkle in the process.

No team in the top ten placing is going to peddle their draft pick, so how does that affect things? If indeed players like Tyler Bertuzzi are being asked about, it’s by teams in contending status, not lower. At this point, too, a Bertuzzi like trade just doesn’t seem to make as much sense as it could have. The forward is beloved by his teammates, and has been driving force of offense this season.

Chris has an article later in the week that will really examine the most likely trade candidates so I’ll stop there. But this trade deadline season will certainly be fun watching how Yzerman’s thinking shifts with the Red Wings in a different spot.

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