Quick Hits: The Phony Ring Edition

Winging It In Motown

Customs seizes counterfeit 1936 Red Wings’ Stanley Cup rings – WOODTV

Customs officers at the Port of Champlain facility in New York found the rings valued at $15,000 earlier this month after examining a shipment. CBP said the shipment violated the intellectual property rights of the Red Wings’ trademark.

I’ve heard grapevine talk that stuff like this is going to be a law enforcement focus more heavily going forward. Trying to imagine spending $1500 on one of these though. I suppose if I believed it was legit that would seem worthwhile.

Anatomy of a first-round upset – TSN

For example: the risk profiles are very kind to the Carolina Hurricanes, St. Louis Blues, and Calgary Flames because they tend to be well-balanced teams that dominate the puck. Moreover, they don’t have an obvious area of weakness that’s manifested over the course of the regular season.

Contrast that to a team like the Colorado Avalanche, who have been extraordinarily strong for years now and may be the most talented team in the league. Why do they carry a higher risk profile? The simple answer is the penalty kill. If you can get Colorado to spend some time in the box (easier said than done), they are not the same team. And the gap is significant: on a per-minute basis, Colorado was 34 per cent less effective suppressing goals than conference-rival Calgary, and 72 per cent less effective than the Hurricanes.

This is an interesting read.

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