Quick Hits: The Last Game as Coach? Edition

Winging It In Motown

Jeff Blashill’s future uncertain as Red Wings wrap up season – MLive

“I haven’t thought about it for one second; I’m coaching a game tomorrow and that’s all that’s been my focus,” he said. “That’s how it goes in coaching, you’re focused on the task at hand.”

That’s the only quote from anybody inside the organization that Ansar has to share. It’s for good reason. There’s no need for Yzerman to say a word about this before the season is actually done. There’s a lot of good debate about when the perfect time to bring in a new coach would be. I do think before the draft makes sense but it’s not like the head coach should really have that much say in that process.

32 Thoughts: Martin St. Louis weighs in on his plans, his approach … and his critics

“I was really happy with their effort, but they had lost another game,” he said. “They did that a lot. And I could feel it. I could feel the weight. So, you can feel crappy about the result, but you’ve got to let it go once you go to bed. You’ve got to wake up and go win the day. I used to call my dad all the time after games, just to vent. Or talk to my wife. … Let out all the negative energy, so that next day you can win the day. In anything you do in life, to be successful, if enthusiasm is not part of it, it’s going to be really hard to sustain success.”

The funny part of this kind of quote is that it sounds extremely similar to the outlook that I remember Jeff Blashill having earlier on in his coaching tenure that I don’t think I’ve seen for a while (and which I feel is contributing pretty heavily to the discussion about the temperature he feels in his diaper parts.

Also this is interesting:

25. The NHL recently signed a new transfer agreement with Sweden and it contained an interesting change. Previously, a player selected in the second round or later who also had a contract in Sweden had to be 21 before being allowed to be sent to the AHL. If younger, it was back home. Now the age is 24, a victory for the Swedish league. First-rounders are exempt. They can be sent to the AHL without protest.

Hey good job AHL scoring guy.

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