Which Red Wings Players Are “Untouchables”?

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The Detroit Red Wings are in the process of rebuilding their roster. With a lot of players being free agents, there is a good chance for a Red Wings “reboot”.

The Red Wings are in a tough spot and with that comes a lot of tough decisions. It’s no secret that their true stars are their youngest and that means mistakes. Those mistakes they make, although it will bite them in the butt for a year or two, will help them learn and develop as players in this league.

Moving forward into the off-season, it’s no question that Yzerman will be looking to bring in some veteran talent to fill out their roster. Now, you may be saying “They already have veteran talent, why do they need to bring in more veterans?” Well, how many of the veteran players are true impact players? Not many.

I expect Yzerman to clean house with those veterans that haven’t played to value and bring in some through free agency and possibly through trade as well. Now, we have no idea what the free agency market will look like or even the trade block, what we do know is that the Red Wings have a small list of untouchables.

So, with that being said, who are some of the players that I feel the Red Wings should be unwilling to move? Well, I’m glad you asked.

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