Jeff Blashill: A Man for All Seasons?

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The Red Wings fired head coach, Jeff Blashill following a dissapointing season. Looking at the story behind Jeff Blashill, there is a story to tell. The once proclaimed savior to Red Wings hockey is only a ‘common man’.

A common man. Perhaps this is the best way to think of Jeff Blashill. During his tenure as Detroit Red Wings‘ head coach, Blashill had an air of relatability. The use of common is not derogatory, but as a term of universality.

In “A Man for all Seasons” by Robert Bolt, a character that takes different forms throughout the play is the “Common Man”. Many smarter people than myself have engaged in impassioned debate over the purpose of this character, just as many people have engaged in impassioned debate over Jeff Blashill’s legacy in Detroit Red Wings’ history.

Is he an admirable captain who just couldn’t bring the ship home? Or, was he a struggling leader who overstayed his welcome long ago?

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