The Red Wings Christmas Wish Came Early

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The Detroit Red Wings chose to not renew head coach, Jeff Blashill’s contract. But, as of June 6th, 2022, the Red Wings just got handed a ‘bean’, can they turn it into a ‘beanstalk’?

The Detroit Red Wings are coming off a horendous season this past year. Finishing in the bottom half of the league, the Red Wings decided to make a change in coaching. Knowing what needed to be done, the Red Wings took no time in doing so.

After missing the playoffs for the sixth straight season, it was inevitable. Now, Blashill is not to blame for everything. He didn’t really have much to work with, but he wasn’t able to overcome the adversity that a truly good coach would. Which, led to the firing of Blashill.

There has been a lot of speculation around who the Red Wings will hire as their next head coach. I mean, it could be any number of people. Some of the names that have been listed repeatedly are Torterella, Trotz, and Montgomery. However, that was before yesterday.

Yesterday the Boston Bruins organization announced that they would be relieving head coach, Bruce Cassidy of his duties. The firing, although not super surprising to some, has left a majority of the hockey community in shock.

Cassidy and the Bruins made six straight playoff apperances including a Stanely Cup apperance in 2019. Although they lost, a Stanley Cup apperance still looks pretty good on a resume. And one of the teams that have a coaching vacancy is the Red Wings.

Cassidy and the Bruins were one of the toughest teams to beat this past season. And, well, truth be told, he and the Brunins have been hard to beat for the last decade. They have created a team that just carries a stature and a level of expectation that consists of nothing short of winning.

Seeing him behind the bench of a growing team like the Red Wings would be a great sight to behold. Now, I’m not sure if it’s realistic or not, but I know that he would have the fans vote.

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