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Winging It In Motown

Armstrong provides answers to offseason questions – NHL

What was your evaluation of Nick Leddy, who you acquired from the Detroit Red Wings at the trade deadline?

Armstrong: I thought he played very well for us. We understand what the salary cap is going to be, it’s locked in stone now. It’s just massaging it to get a number of good players back. I thought Nick came in here – look at our winning percentage since the trade deadline. He was a big part of that, he’s a calming influence, he’s experienced. He’s the player I thought our pro scouts told me he is was going to be. He came in here and he was that guy.

I’m glad the Blues like him.

A lot of context necessary to get to the point here, but in the aftermath of the Cassidy firing, another rumor that went around is that the Bruins are shopping David Pastrnak. That’s not entirely true, but it does stand to reason that if Boston is ready to pull the chute on their current iteration and start a rebuild cycle, then Pastrnak will age out before they need him again and it’s possible he’s on the market.

Pastrnak would be one of those big gambles. It’s possible his price isn’t too completely out of whack due to him only having one year left before UFA, but the gamble is on spending a future asset now for a guy we really hope to need before he ages out of the elite tier.

All of this would require that we be able to extend him too.

I personally lean towards getting a second great center before another winger but since a trade like this would likely require a winger going the other way who knows.

This got emailed to me and I listened to it so you can too. It’s not really my thing but I also have bad taste in music so form your own opinion.

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