Quick Hits: The Disasters Edition

Winging It In Motown

Red Wings Wrap-Up: Veleno embraces increased role in 2021-22 campaign

“There are things I still gotta work on,” Veleno said. “I’m aware of those things and I’m gonna try to work on them every time I practice, focus on them during games then try to apply those things night in and night out.”

Kid’s got a great textbook answer game.

I personally think he actually overdid it on strength training last year and was disappointed that the explosiveness in his skating seemed to have waned. He was still really fast but he wasn’t catching any defenders by surprise. I want him to show better than last season.

Oh boy I hope this is true. The Flyers are going to be a beautiful mess.

Former NHL agitator Sean Avery found guilty after hitting car with scooter – Yahoo!

The dramatic retelling of the middle-aged man throwing a temper tantrum and damaging a minivan followed Avery’s own courtroom dramatics back in April. While attending an in-person hearing, Avery made a fool of himself and demanded a trial by jury. After his proposal was refused, he went on to say he would represent himself, prompting his lawyer to leave the courtroom.

We were just talking about this loser!

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