3 Forwards That the Red Wings Need to Pursue in Free Agency

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The Detroit Red Wings are a younger team which means that there are going to be a lot of mistakes made the next couple years. Furthermore, we are going to have to endure more mediocre hockey while these prospects learn the way of the NHL. But, that’s exactly why I feel they need to attack the free agency market.

The Red Wings have plenty of top notch prospects that will get a look this year at training camp, but there are not enough open spots on the roster for all them. Furthermore, I fully expect a few moves to be made as Yzerman looks to make this team a competitor.

Looking around the league, how many young teams have actually succeeded without the help of veteran players? Or to be more specific, proven players? The answer- not many.

Young teams make mistakes and some of them can cost you games. Rather it’s a bad breakout and not hitting the seam on a pass or making a bad play in the defensive zone, there are so many things that can go wrong. Additionally, you also have to keep in mind that in order to win games, you need to outscore your opponent. And if this past season taught us anything it’s that we have trouble doing that.

That’s why I’m expecting a big shake up this off-season in terms of talent and the players that he will bring in.

There are a lot of very, very, very talented names out there this off-season, so who are the five players that the Red Wings need to pursue?

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