Quick Hits: The Gems and Gold Edition

Winging It In Motown

Here are some late-round gems the Red Wings could consider in NHL Draft – Detroit News

“I feel every draft pick, regardless of a first-round or a seventh-round, is hope. It’s hope for Henrik Zetterberg or Pavel Datsyuk or Sergei Fedorov or Nicklas Lidstrom, or you name it, regardless of the pick. I hate giving up picks,” Yzerman said.

My favorite name of the group is Ludwig Persson.

How Nathan MacKinnon molded the Colorado Avalanche into Stanley Cup champions – ESPN

Eh I’m not going to clip a piece from this. It’s pretty long and it kind of needs all the context to stew. We’ve joked a lot about MacKinnon being a miserable asshole and this piece works more to credit that for the Avalanche being good than to deny it; although, there is some nuance added in about the Zadorov interview that brought light to the chickpea pasta thing.

It’s no doubt that professionals have to take things seriously if they want a realistic shot at the cup. There also has to be a balance between the coach and the player leadership that finds the line between accountability and burnout. I can’t deny that MacKinnon’s asshole tendencies were a part of the Avalanche locker room that led them to the cup. To what degree one should credit a guy being an asshole to his teammates with putting them over the top is debatable.

I don’t particularly like it, but I also won’t deny that if Dylan Larkin one day lifts the cup amid discussion of what a jerk he is in practice that I’m not going to tell him to give it back.

Henrik Zetterberg was robbed, but not nearly as robbed as Caroline Ouellette was.

Personally, I think they should have put only one Sedin in this year because it would have been funnier. Guess it was harder to lift Hank into the hall with all that triple gold.

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