The Red Wings Newest Top Prospect: Marco Kasper

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The Detroit Red Wings have now made their eighth overall pick in the 2022 NHL entry draft. In doing so, they went with center, Marco Kasper.

The Detroit Red Wings were one of the teams in the draft that you just had no idea what they were going to do. Were they going to go with a center? Were they going to go with a defenseman? What were they going to do?

That was the million dollar question that nobody outside the organization knew. Even then, I’m sure people in the organization weren’t 100% sure what they were going to do. I mean, no team ever does when it comes to the draft because nobody knows how the board is going to fall. All a team can do is assume and have a list of guys they are comfortable with.

I mean, going into the draft, did anyone in the world feel that Shane Wright was going to fall to pick four? If so, I give you guys a ton of credit because I didn’t. Additionally, I didn’t think that Brad Lambert was going to fall into the late first-round. Same thing can be said for forward, Isaac Howard.

I had Brad Lambert as a top 10 player in this draft class and I had Isaac Howard as a top 15. Seeing both of those guys fall was pretty shocking.

Those are just the two things that I feel people didn’t expect to happen. It’s for that reason that going into the draft, it was hard to predict who they were going to take. But given the fact that the draft is over- we know that they wanted center, Marco Kasper.

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