The First 48: The Detroit Red Wings’ Step in the Right Direction

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The first 48 hours of free agency are some of the most important and impactful hours in the entire off-season.  How did the Red Wings fare in the matter?

The Detroit Red Wings made smart and impactful choices during the first 48 hours of free agency. The first two days of free agency are the most important and impactful for every team in the league.

When it comes to free agency there is a lot that needs to be determined and discussed within the organization. They need to determine rather or not they should go after players in free agency? Rather they should add depth? What position do they need to improve upon?

Teams do their best to sign “their” guy. In this case, the “Yzerplan” was flawlessly executed. The team went out and got what they needed. In a previous article, I stated we needed to address adding depth and scoring and that’s exactly what they did.

All of these wishes came true in a short time. What type of step did the signings allow the Wings to take? No Complacency and Playoffs.

“We have a lot of improving to do,” Yzerman said. “With the young players coming in and a small nucleus of remaining players, I think we are trending in the right direction. But we will see how this season plays out to gauge where we are. It’s another step in the process.” -MLIVE Ansar Khan

Now we can examine how the signings effect our forward group and defensive core.

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