Quick Hits: The Care for Vladdy Edition

Winging It In Motown

Long-term victims of car crashes win key Michigan decision – The AP

For decades, people injured in crashes were entitled to payment for “all reasonable charges” related to care and rehabilitation. But the new law sets a fee schedule and a cap on reimbursements not covered by Medicare.

It’s had drastic consequences for roughly 18,000 people needing long-term care after crashes that took place before June 11, 2019, and the providers of those services.

Hockey star Vladimir Konstantinov suffered severe brain damage when a drunken limousine driver crashed the car in 1997. Konstantinov, a passenger, was celebrating a championship by the NHL’s Detroit Red Wings.

RhodeIslandRed2 brought this up in the comments of yesterday’s QH. Apparently the June 11, 2019 cutoff means those injured afterwards are still subject. There’s going to be an appeal to the Michigan Supreme Court, so the fight isn’t over as to what happens with Vladdy but here’s where we’re at now.

Larionov just practicing for when he comes over and coaches us.

Former Maple Leafs coach Babcock resigns as coach of U. of Saskatchewan hockey team – CBC

“I’m excited for Brandin and his family. He is prepared to be a highly successful coach,” said Babcock, who coached Cote with the Western Hockey League’s Spokane Chiefs. “I believe he will elevate the Huskies play and profile even further. I look forward to seeing him continue down the path of what promises to be an incredible career.”

Without further information here, I’m forced to assume that his leaving is because he’s taking a better job somewhere else because with all the other horrible bullshit that has helped wash out what a horrible unapologetic bullshit woe-is-me-I’m-the-victim bullshit Babcock has done, he figures that his path back to being an NHL head coach is clear.

I bet Arizona is on the list.

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