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Winging It In Motown

Eichel healthy, expecting big season with Golden Knights – NHL

“Listen, I’m not going to make excuses,” Eichel said. “I don’t think I played well last year in terms of my expectation of myself, and I’m sure the opinion of the public is probably pretty similar. They expect more out of me, and rightfully so.

“With that being said, I came off a major surgery after not playing for a year, and I had major spine surgery and played three months after and, so, that’s pretty quick and, you know, like anybody that’s had surgery or went through an injury, it takes a lot of time for you to get back to feeling like yourself.”

“But if I WERE to make excuses, I bet they’d sound an awful lot like this!” –

I cannot fully explain why it is I don’t like Jack Eichel, but I also don’t suffer from the delusion in caring whether it’s logical.


but a luxury tax would allow passionate fan bases to see their team take another step toward winning a Stanley Cup.

So people who are very upset that Toronto can’t simply bully other teams financially as much as they’d like in order to guarantee themselves a cup can finally get their day.

The only one of these ideas I care at all about is the “eye in the sky” and even then I say no because there’s no reason to believe it’ll work like this post says it should and because all it’ll really do is slow the game down. Pass.

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