Quick Hits: The First Camp Day is In Tents Edition

Winging It In Motown

Why Dylan Larkin was confused the first time he got a call from Detroit Red Wings’ Derek Lalonde – Freep

Detroit Red Wings captain Dylan Larkin (called “Larks” by teammates) laughed Thursday after the first day of training camp when asked if he knew why new head coach Derek Lalonde goes by “Newsy,” admitting to an awkward interaction.

“The first conversation, he called me and said, ‘this is Newsy’ and I was like, who?,” Larkin said. “It’s something that stuck a long time ago and it’s his name now.

Gonna be honest, there’s nothing really to this story other than Lalonde’s nickname is a reference to a different dude named Lalonde, but I particularly appreciated Helene making sure the reader was aware that Dylan’s teammates call him “Larks”.

Mo’s goatee gotta come in soon, eh? I particularly like how well he answers the question about his race for the Calder with Raymond.

Red Wings’ Dylan Larkin: No post-surgery pain, no worries about contract – MLive

“I think it’s very important to get it done before next season so I can play hockey,” Larkin said, jokingly. “I don’t see myself playing anywhere else. It’s great to be back on the ice, great to be back in Traverse City with the guys so I can focus on our team.”

Not having an extension in place when the season starts won’t be a distraction for him.

“You get so caught up in the daily grind, the games, practices, recovery and preparation for the next game,” Larkin said. “Something I take very seriously is how I recover, how I prepare. It’s pretty much all I do all season. I plan on sticking to that and playing for the fans and my teammates.”

Lots more from and about Larkin there from Ansar.

2022-23 Red Wings training camp begins – Detroit News

No clipping from this, but David Guralnick takes great pics. Check out the gallery.

Lingering questions for all 32 NHL teams heading into training camp: Goaltending, lineup, injuries, more – ESPN

Big question: How good will Detroit be with its new additions?

Big question: Is Ottawa a playoff team?

I just picked these because I’m predicting that the race between Ottawa and Detroit is going to make for a fun rivalry over the next few years.

With camps opening up all over, there’s a ton of news out there. The Knights are planning on being without Nolan Patrick the whole season, a few former Hockey Canada players were asked about the culture of hockey, the Czechs are cracking down on Russian players. These are just a few of the storylines. Feel free to add and comment on your own below.

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