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Winging It In Motown

That’s fair. 1 in 5 people want to see this staff actually work before they give a vote of confidence.

Detroit Red Wings break up camp monotony with fun drill – Freep

So that’s 6:17 on a drill that is shown for 11 seconds before Raymond, Nedeljkovic, Larkin, and then Lalonde all avoid the trap of calling training camp “monotonous.”

It’s a good video specifically for Larkin and Lalonde.

Skinner and former Hockey Canada board chair Michael Brind’Amour testified for two hours in a hearing that at times became contentious. Brind’Amour was repeatedly scolded for not responding to direct questions with direct answers, while Skinner was challenged on the board’s decision to settle a lawsuit related to an alleged sexual assault in 2018 without having read the settlement agreement.

Skinner going on the offensive to imply that they should be left alone because sexual assault happens outside of hockey too and to imply that things would fall apart without their leadership is all the more evidence that the thing should be rebuilt from the ashes up.

Katie Strang also covered and live-tweeted the hearings. The Athletic article is paywalled, but I neglected to mention her excellent coverage on items like this when praising Westhead yesterday and I want to fix that today.

Bummer for DK.

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