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Winging It In Motown

Ranking the most handsome coaches in the NHL – Defend the Nest

There will be no advanced stats (other than the odd double entendre and perhaps poorly placed pun) used, I will be relying strictly on the eye test. Rankings are determined by two separate scores out of ten that are then combined for a score out of twenty.

If you remember that horrible preseason clickbaity shit that was designed solely to get people talking about the site that berthed it which said Lalonde was top five hot coaches, then you’ll know why this was created.

And if the entire concept of ranking the attractiveness of a whole bunch of old white dudes, just skip it and read this instead:

Insider Trading: Don’t expect big Oilers move in wake of Kane injury

Anaheim Ducks forward Trevor Zegras made a special play on Wednesday and the referees spoiled the moment. They got it right but is it time to try to figure out a way around this party spoiler?

I love how strong the takes about this are. The offsides happened almost 30 seconds before the goal but letter of the law, calling it back was required.

So change the law?

I like the idea of a timeout thing. I also like simply removing it from a challenge. To be perfectly honest, changing nothing would be fine too, but since that’s boring let’s talk about the spirit of the law.

The entire reason there’s a rule against preceding the puck into the zone is that it prevents teams from doing stupid cherry-picking things. There has to be a line that forces teams to be more creative than simply long-bombing pucks back and forth like it’s bubble hockey.

Well if you put a 20-second timer on there you should be able to solve that because no team is intentionally going offside just to waste 20 seconds in the zone and if that 20 seconds passes you can fully make the argument that the defending team screwed the pooch in stopping whatever meager advantage was gained by a player entering the zone just slightly too early for the human linesman to whistle.

Making it not reviewable is sloppier. If you don’t review offsides then why should you review anything (an argument to be made in favor perhaps?) Either way, the human officials aren’t screwing it up so bad that the cherry-picking problem the spirit of the rule is meant to prevent will sneak into the game.

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