Grin and Berg it: Ducks clip Wings winning 3-2 in OT

Winging It In Motown

Welcome back Bert and Walman!

First Period

As Ken Daniels points out after 5 seconds, the Wings are already off to a better start than they were against the Kings (remember how they gave up a goal immediately?)

The Goon Squad is going to be out, Strand hacks at Perron’s feet and trips him after an offside and Walman, Sunny and Ras all jump in. No penalty, if it was Ras they would have called the cops.

6 minutes in and it’s time for a RRRRRED WINGS POWERPLAY! Carrick to the Bad Boy Box for interference. RED WINGS SCOOOOOOOORE! BERGGREN! First NHL goal :’)

“Half of the half, is pretty much Detroit” Ken Daniels commenting on the Red Wings West Coast crowd and the half-empty barn. A lot of red jerseys, we love the home crowd on the road. Audible Let’s Go Red Wings cheer.

Not much happening, also I may have been distracted editing a rainbow picture for Berggren. Priorities.

3 minutes to go and it’s time for the penalty kill! Sunny takes a cross-checking penalty and goes to the Timeout Terrarium. The penalty kill has failed. McTavish ties the game 1-1.

That’ll do it! Tied 1-1 and shots 13-10 Red Wings. Also, the Wings won more faceoffs than the Ducks. I know right??

Second Period

Rasmussen to the Misbehaving Moose Morgue for tripping. Two minutes in and the Red Wings are on the penalty kill and the penalty is killed!

Husso on point, just in general. Nothing else to say on the first half of the period. No news is good news?

Suter gets tripped by White who sits in the Evildoer Enclosure and it’s time for a Rrrrrred Wings powerplay with 9 minutes left in the period. It is a pooperplay.

/Canadian voice/ THERE’S A MOOSE IN THE HOUSE. Rasmussen scooooooores! 2-1 Red Wings. In the last minute of the game, now someone else knows how it feels. Great work from the Moose to be a one-man show protecting the puck and then burying it.

Winning faceoffs, what a concept!

Onto the third!

Third Period

Here we go, 5 minutes in and Ras draws a penalty. Time for the next Rrrrred Wings powerplay! Strand to the Sin Stall. Unfortunately, Seider kills the penalty by taking his own penalty. Seider in the Habitat for Horrible Humans. 4v4 for one minute. And now it’s 5v3. Raymond takes an imaginary roughing penalty away from the play and now he’s in the Offender Oubliette. The two-man advantage is killed. Now a regular penalty kill as Seider is back on the ice. The penalties are all dead!

Guess what? Another penalty! Red Wings powerplay is back at it, let’s try this again. It’s Benoit’s turn to check in to the Asshole Asylum. Raymond kills the powerplay! He’s called for a soft hook and his stick goes flying into the stands. 4v4 for 10 seconds as Raymond is locked up in Jerk Jail. Red Wings penalty kill now and it works. Husso staying strong.

5 minutes to go and this is as energetic as the game has been, shots tied 25-25.

2 minutes and Ducks net empty…

1 minute…



Wings have been controlling the puck for pretty much three full minutes. Winning faceoffs sure does help!

What doesn’t help is Bertuzzi giving the puck away right in front of Husso.

Ducks win 3-2.

(it’s 12:45am here)

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