Red Wings defeat Coyotes 4-3 after a Skills Contest

Winging It In Motown

Ken mentions both goalies are coming in on the back of shutouts. Old friends Nemeth and Stecher paired together.

First Period

Mostly Red Wings so far, Raymond had the closest chance in the first couple of minutes with a slapshot off the crossbar. No clank noise so for a second thought maybe it was in.

The Good Squad is about to be let loose. Hronek takes a shot that hits Sunny, then behind our own net McBain hit Hronek hard and Ras did not appreciate it. His fight did not go that well, he got his face punched a lot but he ended with a nice takedown. The hit looked legal enough to me so maybe didn’t warrant a fight, but Ras is gonna Ras. It’s his 200th career game!

Ras ends up in the Bad Boy Box for slashing with him and McBain both also getting 5 for fighting. It all ends up as a Red Wings penalty kill and the penalty is killed thanks to Husso.

It’s time for a Rrrrrred Wings powerplay! Chiarot gets high-sticked which sends Guenther to the Loser Locker. Copp and Crouse wishing each other a very Happy Honda Days behind the Coyotes net during a stop in play. And in the spirit of this magical season, Copp scoooooooooooooores! 1-0 Wings. Raymond and Hronek get the assists.

Veleno and Suter perfectly set up on an odd man rush but Vejmelka makes a good save. Suter was held by Nemeth but nobody cares except Ken and Mick.

“HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE. GRAB A TURKEY LEG. GRAB A LEG AND PULL” – Mickey Redmond commenting on the team scrum that broke out. Perron started it after some jostling in the corner in the Coyotes end, and then the whole gang joined in. The refs are spending a lot of time sorting out who goes to the Crimes Cabana now. It all ends up as a Coyotes powerplay and the powerplay is killed.

That’ll do it. Wings up 1-0 and up in shots 11-8.

Second Period

Kassian has been asking for a penalty all game and finally gets one. Isolated, it seems soft, but refs seem to be trying to nip it in the bud before he does something really bad. So, Kassian is in the Asshole Asylum and it’s time for a Rrrrred Wings powerplay just over two minutes in. HRONEK HOT STREAK CONTINUES, 2-0 Wings.

With that, the Red Wings have tied last season’s total of 4 games with multiple PPGs.

Kubalik gets interfered with, another non-call. The refs are making interesting penalty choices.

FART. Schmaltz scores and it’s 2-1 Red Wings.

HOWEVER. LESS THAN 30 SECONDS LATER AND OESTERLE SCORES! 3-1 Wings! Red Wings defensemen? Offensemen?

Nemeth really missed Bertuzzi so decided to reach out for a hug while Bert was breaking in on net and gets called for it. Nemeth sits in the Nemeth-is Nook and Red Wings go on another powerplay! 8 minutes to go. Not a bad powerplay, but nothing comes from it.

4:30 to go and the Coyotes get one back, Moser moseyed on in and cuts the lead to 3-2 Wings.

Wings getting some quality setups for themselves, not endless dump and chasing. And winning faceoffs. Who is this team?

Onward to the third! Wings 3-2 and leading shots 23-16.

Third Period

Five minutes in and nothing to report but I feel like I should be typing something. Coyotes only have 16 shots on paper but on ice they have a lot of “almosts” with the Wings needing to break dangerous plays up before they reach Husso.

I would recommend the Wings wake up a little bit more, but that’s just my opinion.

They took my advice as Perron camps in the corner holding the puck with four Coyotes trying to get it out from underfoot. They all fail, and Perron keeps the puck. Larkin rips a shot but Vejmelka makes a big stop.

Sunny gets high-sticked and that stung him. It’s not a Wings game if Sunny doesn’t fall to the ice at least twice. Valimaki in the Villain Villa and the Wings get another powerplay with 12 minutes to go. The powerplay is bad because the crowd was doing the wave.

The crowd enthusiastically boos as the Coyotes get a powerplay with 6:12 to go. Still 3-2 Wings. Baby Boy Berggren in the Timeout Terrarium for holding. Penalty killed! As time expires, a fortunate whiff in front of the net protects our lead.

More booing as the Coyotes get one more powerplay with 2:36 to go. Bert in the Degen Dawg Dungeon. As Mick says, “Hang onto your hat”. 6 on 4 as the net is empty. HUSSO GOING WILD!

But not wild enough. Coyotes score and we’ll be going to OT. Maybe I’m the problem, I get a lot of these overtime recaps…


Goalies went to the wrong nets, had to remember to switch ends. Chiarot, RayRay and Larks up first and they start the pressure right away. Almost had a classic Larkin wraparound. Hronek out now but still Ray and Larks. Coyotes get an odd-man rush but miss the net.

“Bertuzzi, you know he’ll be careful in overtime” – Ken Daniels with the sassy facts.

Coyotes get another chance in all alone but they miss the net again. Blessed.

It’s certainly been an exciting OT that’s fer sure. Everybody getting good chances with a minute to go. A last second try by our gang, Copp shot goes off the goalie’s helmet and it’s not over.


Coyotes shoot first.

Schmaltz – NO

Raymond – NO

Bjugstad – NO

Perron – NO

Keller – NO. Husso with a sassy glove save.



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