Detroit Red Wings news: Jakub Vrana returns to the ice

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With the recent injuries that have hit the Detroit Red Wings and the losses piling up, the team received some much-needed good news with the announcement that Jakub Vrana is on his way back to the lineup.

He was projected to be one of the top forwards for the team this season, and it would have been exciting to see what he could do for the team in a full 82 games, but it was not to be. The NHL/NHLPA shared an announcement on their website concerning Vrana’s return to the Detroit Red Wings.

According to the announcement, Vrana has been returned to available status and has entered the follow-up care phase of his treatment. It will not be an immediate return, but he can get back on the ice and work to get back to 100% and prepare to play for the Red Wings again this season.

Vrana entered the NHL/NHLPA Player Assistance Program on October 19th for undisclosed reasons. He has been sorely missed by the Red Wings and the fan base, which has taken a liking to him since he got to Detroit.

Jakub Vrana is back on the ice for the Detroit Red Wings.

This was a big blow to the team since, at the time, he had only played in two games, already putting up a goal and an assist. He certainly has the potential to be a 40-goal guy, and with the Wings only scoring four goals in the last four games, some offensive help will be most welcome.

This news is excellent for the team but even better news for Vrana and his family. The details of his entrance into the program were never shared with the public, which is exactly how it should be.

No matter who you are or your occupation, some matters in life are personal and should be kept that way. Hopefully, for Vrana, whatever problems in his life that necessitated him taking this path are behind him now, and he can get back to putting pucks in nets and ruining some goalie’s night.

With Vrana in a better place in his personal life, he might even come back better than before on the ice. Playing in the NHL requires the highest level of attention and concentration, so removing distractions will likely positively impact his game.

There were no details in the announcement about a timetable for his actual return to play for the team, so I can only hope it is soon. Vrana’s return, along with the not-too-far-off return of Robby Fabbri, could be just what the Red Wings need to get back into a playoff spot this season.

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