Detroit Red Wings: Carter Mazur tearing it up with University of Denver

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The Detroit Red Wings selected Carter Mazur with their third-round draft choice during the 2021 NHL Entry Draft. The Red Wings should be more than happy with how things have been going for the young forward during his time with the University of Denver.

When the Detroit Red Wings selected Mazur, they had to be hopeful that playing the long game would work well for him, and so far, it has. He’s in his second year with the Denver Pioneers and is beginning to tap into some scoring.

The offense is there and beginning to show. Denver plays in the NCHC, which is like the SEC of college hockey and is home to some of the best programs in the country, including the Pioneers program.

Mazur’s performance has helped Denver compete to an 8-2 record in the conference, which leads the NCHC standings. Denver has a 14-4-0 record on the season and continues to be dominant. For Mazur, he’s continued to refine his tools and define his offensive game even more.

Detroit Red Wings prospect Carter Mazur is excelling offensively.

Mazur has stepped things up in 2022-23 with Denver. He is coming off a season with the Pioneers program, where he was able to score 14 goals and add 24 assists for 38 total points over 41 games played.

He took an outstanding freshman campaign and has responded with a solid sophomore season this season. The 20-year-old winger has 14 goals and five assists for 19 total points over 18 games played. Watching Mazur crank out solid performance after solid performance makes it even more exciting to think about what he could offer down the road.

The Red Wings development staff must be thrilled with how things are working out for their 2021 draftee. He’s going to continue on with Denver, but when he makes the jump to the Red Wings organization, he should be able to provide some offense.

The game gets harder level after level, but if Mazur can continue to refine his tools now, it will make his transition smoother as he works towards the Red Wings NHL roster one day. His offensive tools continue to be there, and the scoring has really seen a boost this season.

Watching him make things happen, find the back of the net, and create offense has been exceptional. He still has a long way to go to be suiting up in a Red Wings jersey but seeing him find success like this has to be promising for the future.

The Red Wings seem like they have a good one in Mazur; he just needs to keep developing, all in due time.

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