The Future of The Community is Uncertain

Winging It In Motown

I’m fewer than 30 minutes removed from learning via various channels that Vox Media, who owns SB Nation and this site took part in massive “scaling back” announcements. That means people losing their jobs and sites losing their financial support. About five minutes after that, I got an email that Winging it in Motown is among those sites.

So far what I have been told is that there is more information coming to help us plan for this transition and that they don’t intend to actually shutter WIIM. I currently don’t know what that means and I don’t know the direction I’ll choose to go when I do know more.

I want to make each of you aware because as part of the WIIM community, whether as reader, writer, fanposter, commenter or just occcasional visitor, you’ve helped make this one of the most fun online spaces. It’s rare to find a place where people can disagree on the silly stuff about sports fandoom so voraciously without poisoning the whole place.

What I know right now is that the plan is for the lights to stay on through the end of February. As things evolve, I’ll try to keep you updated as best I can. I can’t say more because I don’t know more and even when I do, I’ve got some real thinking to do.

Nothing willl ever change how much I’ve enjoyed the time I’ve gotten to be here with all of you. Ok, maybe not THAT PERSON, but you know, everybody else; especially you.

I love you weirdos.

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