Quick Hits: The Oh Hey Outdoors Edition

Winging It In Motown

NHL Rumour Roundup: How many teams interested in Red Wings’ Tyler Bertuzzi? – Sportsnet

Marek reported during Hockey Night In Canada last weekend that Edmonton, Tampa Bay and Dallas were three teams interested in Red Wings forward Tyler Bertuzzi.

Detroit is firmly entrenched in the Eastern Conference playoff race, but Bertuzzi is a pending unrestricted free agent garnering attention from teams.

Freidman added Friday that Toronto and Minnesota could potentially also be in on Bertuzzi. Detroit has an abundance of cap space and Bertuzzi’s the type of player with grit and scoring potential that would be an ideal addition for a team planning a deep playoff run.

Well I’m guessing Toronto is out of this list now:

Hurricanes’ outdoor game marks another Sun Belt push for NHL – The News Tribune

“This city has embraced us,” said Steve Mayer, the NHL’s chief content officer and event producer. “I think one of the things we’ve noticed being here is just the talk everywhere we go. We’re in a restaurant and the waiter or waitress comes up and they’re talking about the game, an Uber driver talking about the game, at our hotel. The buzz is really out there.”

This is why I like the Stadium Series stuff. I couldn’t give a shit about this upcoming outdoor game. It’s not for me. I’m already a fan. It’s cool for me to not give a shit. I’m a fan of a team in a pretty saturated market. There’s still a lot of untapped fandom in the sun belt and I think it’s worth continuing to work to build that hockey culture.


The players were, largely, 10 years old.

I admit I didn’t read past the part of the article that stopped me at the paywall, but having any parents screaming the kind of stuff that’s said here at ten year olds is sickening. This is the stuff that I fear every time my own ten year old has a soccer game. Am I going to have to throw hands at some unhinged dipshit who has their own future as a sports parent placed before the value of their own child’s healthy development?

I feel very fortunate to have avoided parents like this. I know they’re in every sport.

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