Quick Hits: The Stand and Deliver Edition

Winging It In Motown

Why standing pat at trade deadline makes sense for Red Wings – MLive

Reaching the playoffs for the first time since 2016 would be a big boost to a rebuild that has tested the patience of the organization and fans. Even getting swept in the first round would provide momentum heading into next season, perhaps make Detroit a more desirable destination for free agents and energize the fanbase.

Standing pat certainly won’t ensure the Red Wings of reaching the playoffs, but unloading players probably would crush their hopes, in addition to sending a bad message to the team.

There’s more in there about how this would be a good learning experience and about how a first-round exit isn’t guaranteed (as though reaching the 2nd round is the ultimate goal for any team outside Toronto).

This is the part that I think resonates with me best. I don’t think it’s possible to get bad enough to luck into a real high pick and I think the guys we have on the team now getting hungry for another shot at a playoff run would do well for the locker room. I don’t think missing the playoffs is the end of the world nor do I think making them is.

I’m still just trying to enjoy giving a shit about the standings.

Going into next season, Arizona will have a little over $13M of their need to get to the cap floor dedicated to two players who will get paid in real dollars a total of $4.75M.

They should be forced to raise all of these numbers to the new arena’s rafters.

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